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The Journey of Healing

Most of the people that come to me have tried lots of different options and are looking for something different. In comparison to other methods off wellness, the feeling you get from healing is incomparable. what do I mean by this?

Often the things that happen both inside and outside of the sessions are both inexplainable and deeply transformative, In the best way. The thing I love about healing, whether it be reiki or any other energy you are working with is you always experience what is right for you in those moments.

Those moments of magic are not to be held onto but provide us with a strong sense that we are moving in the right direction. I remember treating many people who have ended up having experiences with their inner child and even on some occasions, conversations with their future self!

These occurrences are not the aim of the treatments, if nothing like that happens to you and your situation/condition improves then I am happy, but these things that do happen are often beautiful reminders that something greater than us is occurring and how lucky we are to experience that!

Those moments when you come face to face with you inner child, future self or whatever other things happen, transform us. And that's exactly what healing is about.


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