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A Magic Pill?

It's important when doing anything in life that we don't view things as a magic pill. Maybe we feel our new friendship will change everything for us or even our new job will save us from our past difficulties, these similar ideas are prevalent in every segment of life, and energy healing is no different.

From treating many different conditions and witnessing profound shifts in people on both physical, emotional and spiritual levels, I know this works, however we can often feel because something like energy is unseen and spiritual that it can be a cure all when actually, energy healing works in a grounded way.

Sometimes when I treat people a condition noticeably improves even after one session, it's exciting and I'm pleased with the results, however this isn't always the case.

If we think of a house that is built quickly and without foundations, it may be strong at first but at some point the weather changes, the house hasn't been built on strong foundations and will eventually fails us. Similarly with healing, patience is key. Our systems need to be able to endure all conditions of weather. Taking time to build foundations and place each brick one by one creates structure, strength and durability, we are no different. The best results occur over a longer period, from receiving regular treatments via a treatment plan. Why?

Working over a period of time allows our bodies to stabilise and really come back into balance. Once the body is fully back into balance we emerge in a stronger place than before and our body's can look after themselves on their own. In working in this way this also means that the results of the sessions are much more permanent and potent providing a lasting, life changing shift. The best way to think of this is like going to the gym, we don't receive our goals via working out once. By consistent practice, we can create great change that lasts and influences every aspect of our own life.

With firm foundations via regular treatments we can create profound shifts that change the way we shape our future for ourselves, and others.

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