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Surrender, the key to it all

The Spiritual path is a path of Surrender. Whether that be meditation, yoga or energy work, the key to it all is surrender. Often we view surrender as something that is weak, along with a similar idea that if we surrender things will never change and that is simply not the case. In this post i'm going to be sharing with you the truth of surrender and the benefits you can receive during a healing session, in day to day life and your spiritual practice.

What is Surrender? we often view surrender as letting go and allowing which isn't wrong but it doesn't get to the core of the matter. There are different levels to surrender and the further you can go the deeper our healing sessions and journeys become.

True surrender cannot be truly defined as within it exists nothing and everything. Even labelling it as surrender cannot be done. If we really think about surrender we are actually letting go of having to let go, we are letting go of surrendering itself, we are letting go any expectations, of literally everything. In this passive state, trying ceases and allowance is fostered. What happens when we do this in a reiki or healing session...we stop imposing our ideas of what healing is and what we should experience and simply allow for something higher to work upon us creating deep change. When we truly surrender ourselves to the process we create space for something new to emerge. It allows us to deeply transform and become different on the deepest level. From an energy perspective we become clearer and more available for a greater amount of energy to work through us and permit it to work on the deepest level of our existence, Being.

So if your'e doing any form of spiritual practice, energy work or taking a walk in the park why not try surrendering to your environment, or your being. Simply stop and do nothing, let go of all ideas and trust.

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