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Reiki: The emotional body

I've been thinking recently and reflecting on the various posts I have made regarding the benefits of reiki and wanted to really delve into each aspect of the levels reiki works upon. we can classify these levels as mind, body and spirit

although reiki is great for physical issues it also works brilliantly on the emotional level. time and time again I've seen my clients release emotions that have been held and trapped for so long, the Dam that was once keeping us from moving forward is released. I really like to think of the mind and emotions aspect of our being like water, after all water is the element of emotions. when we are struggling emotionally its almost like our inner ocean of emotions is in turmoil, a storm at sea. reiki's ability to smooth out these issues are really quite magical. reiki smooths all those spiky anxious feelings and brings back the equilibrium. The sea becomes calm once again.

Over time from receiving reiki long term effects begins to happen. long term reiki begins to peel us like an onion, removing anything that isn't who we truly are. bringing us back to our natural state of peace and tranquility. the anxiety we once struggled with in life finally begins to resolve, the anger we were holding from life difficulties melts and the warmth of our soul shines through. To summarise, anything that is not in line with our natural state of peace is resolved beautifully. When emotional problems resolve sometimes physical issues can resolve too, as our mind, body and spirit is completely inseparable. its one in the same. witnessing such things happen can really show us how dramatically our emotions affect the course of our life mentally, physically and spiritually.

In my next blog post I'm going to talk a little about the spiritual side of things and how reiki can gently and powerfully resolve issues of a spiritual matter.

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