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Inner Dance 

What is Inner Dance? 

*inner dance is not a dance class*


 Inner dance is not a physical dance but a powerful energy that creates deep transformation. Whilst lying down a meditative journey occurs. A transmission and activation of life force energy takes place. Some people experience profound life changing insights connecting with Akashic Records, Ancestral Healing, Past Lives, Trance, Kundalini Activation, Soul Retrieval, connection with Higher Self, Collective Healing Experiences and much more. Deep healing on the soul level occurs during Inner Dance creating deep healing and transformation. It is often described as Plant Medicine without taking anything. A journey of sound and energy into the wisdom of the universe and your soul. Are you ready to connect?

What Happens in a session?

During a session you will begin by lying down and relaxing, a gradual letting go will take place. Various types of music will be played during the session along with different energy points being touched and worked upon. in a the session anything and everything can happen. From spontaneous dancing and body movements, to psychic visions, accessing past lives and ancestral patterns,  deep trauma/emotional release and even bliss states, inner dance is truly as unlimited as we are. Are you ready to discover yourself?

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