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Inner Dance 

What is Inner Dance? 


 Discovering inner dance was a life changing experience for me. Inner dance is an activation of your life force energy. The inner dance is the space where mind, body and spirit align as one, in this space the true self emerges. Inner dance allows us to purge what no longer serves us and become who we truly are. Going through a process of purging we can emerge from a session more aligned, regenerated  and connected. Helping with issues such as mental health, identity and deep energy blockages. after sessions people often report life changes, profound insights and a renewed zest for life. Inner dance is truly a profound experience.

What's Happens in a session?

During a session you will begin by lying down and relaxing, a gradual letting go will take place. Various types of music will be played during the session along with different energy points being touched and worked upon. in a the session anything and everything can happen. From spontaneous dancing and body movements, to psychic visions, accessing past lives and ancestral patterns,  deep trauma/emotional release and even bliss states, inner dance is truly as unlimited as we are. Are you ready to discover yourself?

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