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Sarah, Bethnal Green
Disaster Management 

Darren, Tottenham

Brandon is kind, knowledgable and committed to his craft both long term and to each individual client. I am a personal trainer who is specialising in rehabilitation and I can speak confidently on knowledge about the bones, the muscles and overall the structure of the human body- reiki is something I would recommend to everybody! Particularly with Brandon as a passionate practitioner. Many other specialists with BSc and science degrees had recommended this treatment to me prior during sports massages, due to my muscles being unable to release either due to emotion or emotional traumas that have not yet released. (This is just a small example of what reiki can do!) Brandon has treated me both emotionally and for infections. I was suffering with a UTI for a very long time- we are talking a whole month. I tried D mannose tablets. Water. Rest. Antibiotics. Everything! I Didn’t drink alcohol to try and clear it up. Eventually I thought- why not give reiki a go? It did wonders for my mental health…could it be the same for physical health? After one hour with Brandon (and I am still in disbelief) it was cleared within 24-28 hours. I truly believe in reiki with Brandon. I feel as though it has broke through any blockages when it comes to my physical and mental health. Medicine can really be more than medical. After healing with Brandon, it got me thinking that if we can improve our health by increasing our heart rates, lifting weights, getting fit and yoga, it makes so much sense that practices such as reiki and other holistic approaches are too beneficial. We need more of this. Thank you so much Brandon for bringing reiki into my life and I’ll be back over and over again. Alexandra, Ealing, Personal Trainer 

Brandon’s practice is professional and incredibly calming. The overall process is beneficial for anyone who wants to experience a spiritual treatment and I would recommend the experience myself. Brandon’s through explanation of the benefits before the treatment will help anyone understand what they are experiencing and the feeling after the treatment can only be described as serenity.

Jordan, Wimbledon 

I had been suffering for several weeks with the effects of fatigue brought on by long Covid. I had an open mind about reiki and visited Brandon twice in one week. I found the sessions to be very relaxing, I even fell asleep during one of them! I did not feel any ‘instant’ change but I can confirm that the next day after each treatment, my fatigue was reduced and one week later it was gone.

Dave, Hackney

Business Owner 

I could not recommend Brandon’s reiki treatment highly enough! Upon meeting him you are instantly put at ease by his friendly and warm nature, and the benefits of his reiki are recognisable almost instantly. He is generous with his knowledge, and absolutely prioritises your comfort and wellbeing throughout treatment. I couldn’t speak higher of the work he does and how great I feel afterwards. He is the only person I would go to now for future treatments- thank you Brandon!

Lottie, Brentford 

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