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Jikiden: directly passed down


Jikiden Reiki is Reiki as it was originally, completely free from Western influence. It is a simple, and efficient energy healing art.

Jikiden Reiki can, and has for me, become a fundamental part of my life. Everyone has the ability to heal, and through treating many people and the 65 years treatment experience we have documented from the Jikiden Reiki institute, the results  Reiki treatments can have is incredibly exciting  

by keeping the lineage of teacher to student short and direct (highlighted in the word Jikiden) we can ensure that the teaching concepts and information of Reiki Treatment can remain free from western influence and be taught effectively. this can be seen in my lineage on this page.


what happens in a treatment?

 Jikiden Reiki is hands-on, to begin I will rest my hands on your head at the start of the treatment. After this I follow something called Byosen, which is the name we give to the toxins in the body. focusing on treating those areas that need it most, produces a tailored experience for you and your body specifically, concentrating on the issues at hand.

Clients often fall asleep during a treatment and feel relaxed and content afterwards. As well as helping with your mental wellbeing, reiki physically boosts your body’s natural healing process and helps your body eliminate toxins faster. it can also be used as a preventative health measure.

My Lineage

Mikao Usui 

Chujiro Hayashi 

Chiyoko Yamaguchi

Tadao Yamaguchi 

My Teacher

Brandon Hadwin (Me!)

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