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Daily Spiritual Practice: why the need?!

Hello again good friend. It's nice that you're coming along on this journey with me! I hope you are well and looking after yourself!

My post today is all about daily spiritual practice and the benefits of it. Other than holding a few crystals and saging the house for some good vibes! Daily spiritual practice never used to be something I thought of as being super important, until I realised the benefits others experience.

Believe it or not, you may already have a daily spiritual practice, you may just be unaware. Maybe you wake up and you stretch your body, perhaps you go to the gym, or go running. both of these activities in my mind could be viewed as daily spiritual practice! You're looking after yourself, keeping yourself on track!

The question is really, what is spiritual practice? In ancient times this was the daily communication with the divine, which cultivated a stronger sense of purpose, calm and strength; still present in many of today's cultures and religions.

Spiritual practice is anything that gives you faith in yourself and even the divine. Providing self-care to yourself is an ultimate act of love to yourself and others. If you are well you can show up for yourself and others. Many people come to spiritual practice when times are tough, they try to heal the life wound that has already been inflicted. Daily spiritual practice is a preventative measure, it holds us, like a caring mother, even before life's challenges happen, helping us cope with the twists and turns of existence, additionally it helps you achieve your goals and function better as a human.

In future posts I will be sharing my own spiritual practice, how it benefits me and how you can develop your own too.

I invite you now to reflect, maybe you have a spiritual practice, or maybe it needs developing. Nourish your soul and give yourself goodness and time. YOU deserve it, I promise

Till next time

Brandon x

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