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I had been suffering for several weeks with the effects of fatigue brought on by long Covid. I had an open mind about reiki and visited Brandon twice in one week. I found the sessions to be very relaxing, I even fell asleep during one of them! I did not feel any ‘instant’ change but I can confirm that the next day after each treatment, my fatigue was reduced and one week later it was gone.-

Benefits of Jikiden Reiki treatment 

  • Jikiden Reiki is an authentic simple and effective improvement for the mind and body  

  • Reiki can help any issues of body or mind, from minor cuts and bruises to common colds and the flu, infections, chronic illnesses and serious injuries.

  •  accelerate the healing time of an injury or post op 

  • improvement of stress levels and quality of sleep 

  • Reiki is also beneficial for mental health issues such as Anxiety or depression and trauma release  

Reiki in its original form 

Hi there! My name is Brandon and I am a certified practitioner of the UK Jikiden Reiki association. Jikiden reiki is a Japanese energy healing art, as it was originally taught in Japan. Born and raised in the North-East of England and now living in London, I offer treatments in Hackney Central (East London). Reiki has had a profound effect on my health and wellbeing, I want to provide the benefits I have found myself, to others. 

Reiki breaks down blockages and toxins in the body, helping to awaken the body’s natural cleansing system and self healing ability. Working on all level of your being; mental, physical and emotional, reiki can bring us back to our natural, peaceful state.


Dealing with the root cause of an issue, reiki can also be the perfect treatment to destress, provide a strong sense of wellbeing and achieve deep relaxation. testimonials from my clients can be found here.


*I am a member of the LGBTQ community and a woman safe reiki practitioner*

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