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During a Reiki treatment I will find areas of the body that need healing energy the most. This creates a tailor-made, effective treatment, boosting well-being. Reiki energy flows through your body, harmonising and optimising both the physical, and emotional aspects of your being. By physically assisting the body’s hormones, systems and natural healing process, reiki supports you through both mental and physical illness, yielding powerful results. 

I offer 90 minute reiki treatments in person in Hackney (East London). I also offer reiki remotely online, lasting 75 minutes . 


 In Person Treatment: 90 minutes/£70

Enkaku (Distance Healing): 75 Minutes/£50

*Safety Notice: I am a gay man, woman-safe Reiki practitioner demonstrated in my testimonials below  

Cancellation Policy: a fee of 50% of the sessions price is due when cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice

Book a Treatment 

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