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Theta Healing 

 What is Theta healing®? 

Have you ever questioned if you are reaching your potential in life? 

Theta healing is an incredibly powerful energy healing modality. Using a theta brainwave state and universal energy we enter into the subconscious mind resolve and release limiting beliefs/thinking, clear patterns and trauma that ultimately stop you from reaching your full potential.


 Many of our limiting beliefs come from our past, what others have told us and even what we have inherited through our parents and upbringing. Through Theta healing we can identify these patterns and beliefs, release them and return to freedom and empowerment.

How can Theta Healing help you? 

e application of Theta healing is vast and can be applied to many problems, from healing trauma and improving mental   and physical health to breaking blocks around relationships and money. some examples include...

  • Fears and Phobias 

  • Insomnia 

  • Anxiety

  • Resolve inner conflict

  •  Trauma 

  • Clear energy Blocks 

  • Self worth 

  • Self Confidence 

  • Limiting beliefs, life patterns and behaviours

  •  Addictions 

  • Emotional Blockage release 

  • Breaking manifestation blocks 


All too often we get in our own way and block the good that's coming into our life. Through working with universal energy, Theta healing can bring fresh new perspectives of life and heal stubborn patterns held on levels as deep as ancestry and DNA.

Whether you have limiting beliefs around money, success, health, or patterns of behaviour that keep showing up, Theta healing can help break these deep connections, create success and establish the patterns YOU decide. are you ready to become unlimited?


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