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Why Jikiden Reiki?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Why Jikiden reiki? I come across this question so much when speaking to clients who are both new to reiki and also who have recieved treatment before. Believe it or not, the person who is so enthusiastic about reiki (yes, me!), actually began reiki like most people, with the western style

When beginning reiki, I actually had no idea that reiki had become westernised over the years, in fact, I didn't really know much about reiki at all! Regardless I booked my western reiki class and my journey started. little did I know I would be in the position I'm in now, with a business

During the training I felt very dissatisfied with was I was being taught. I'd ask questions like "how do I know the reiki is flowing, I don't feel anything" and was also perplexed on how to approach a body in order to improve its condition through the treatment. I even wondered why I was learning about the chakras when reiki was Japanese? (The chakras are an Indian yogic philosophy).

Something was missing.

Ultimately I left the training feeling reiki was a spiritual healing method similar to massage that people use to relax, and that was about it.

Leaving the training deflated and discouraged, I intuitively felt there must be more to reiki than I had been taught. With thoughts of trying to discover the reiki secrets I felt were hidden from me, Surely there must be a kind of reiki that is completely authentic and rooted in its Japanese origin?

Thankfully I discovered Jikiden reiki. The only kind of reiki that is truly authentic to how it was originally taught in Japan. Learning Jikiden reiki was like someone turning a lightbulb on in a darkened room, everything made sense and I even had all my questions answered.

Overall I found the course engaging and incredibly rooted in practicality, I left the course feeling confident in how to approach a body, and deal with each condition differently.

I finished the course with an understanding that reiki is so much more than a relaxation technique. It's grounded in treating the body in order to help the body flush out the toxins at the root cause of an issue.

3 years on since training, Jikiden reiki has changed my life and certainly made me think differently about my health and approaches to wellness.

I feel so greatful for this wonderful way of life I have been exposed to and continue to enjoy the jikiden reiki journey.

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