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Welcome: New Beginnings

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Welcome to my Reiki website. I'm so glad that your here and reading this right now, how wonderful is that! Launching a new website and business can be super daunting, but I'm pushing through the stresses of the admin with lots of self care and reiki!

Here on this blog I hope to share with you my journey with Reiki and Spirituality, to aid you in finding balance in the stresses of day to day life. I know how much I've benefited from reiki and the self-care practices I use; and now I want to share that with you.

I'd like this blog to feel a little like a holiday with a good friend every time you read it, no worries and no stresses, just pure enjoyment!

in the coming weeks I hope to cover a number of topics from Jikiden Reiki, Crystals and more.

a safe place to come for treatment and for you! yes YOU! I feel we all need time to recharge our batteries, my practice and this blog is just for that. whether you feel happy, sad, elated or glum, at Healing with Brandon...

you're always Welcome.

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