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The Distance Train Treatment?!

It never fails to amaze me how incredible reiki is. I’ve seen numerous people transform from the inside out receiving reiki treatments regularly, however something that really astounds me is the effectiveness of a distance treatment. (In Jikiden Reiki we call this Enkaku Chiryo meaning distance treatment.)

the benefit of a distance treatment is that it requires no contact during the treatment, along with the person receiving not needing to be physically present in the room. this can prove very useful if someone lives far away and wishes to receive a treatment, or even is too unwell to leave their house. Ultimately it means I can treat anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time!

I remember a specific instance where I saw the results of the distance treatment I was giving right before my eyes. It was after visiting a friend by the sea, on a train back to London. I was accompanied by another friend who also came to visit. during the train journey back, my friend I was with began to get very anxious (my friend suffers from acute anxiety disorder). Immediately I knew what I needed to do in order to remedy her discomfort.

Sat at a table seat in an empty train carriage I asked her if she would like me to send her reiki. she sceptically agreed and I asked her to close her eyes and relax whilst I did what I needed to do. it usually doesn’t take long to begin feeling the effect’s of receiving reiki and this was certainly the case.

looking directly at my friend, 5 minutes into the treatment I could Physically see the effect the treatment was having on her body. Her breath started to deepen and slow down, from the high anxious breath that was once taking over, to a slower gentle rhythm. Her body muscles began to relax, and the reiki induced the deep relaxing rest that is so commonly experienced, during a session. By the end of the treatment, my friend needed to lay her head on the table, she was so relaxed and tired that she was falling asleep

I ended the treatment and asked how she was feeling. Although visibly I could see she was much better, I wanted to ask anyway. Validating what I could see, my friend’s anxiety had gone and she was feeling much better than before the treatment. In fact she even said “I never fall asleep on trains!” which was wonderful to hear. Distance reiki can truly be magical when witnessed in such clear light. A beautiful reminder that reiki is always with us working anytime, and anywhere.

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