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The Benefits

What are the benefits to a reiki treatment? I wonder if this is a question you have asked yourself? Maybe you have thought about trying out a treatment for sometime but have questioned if it's the right thing to do. Maybe you haven't managed to find the time to book in with a practitioner.

As widely known as reiki is today, still many people wonder what benefit a treatment can have on a person. When I wasn't familiar with reiki I certainly wondered what improvements Reiki could have on a person, after all it is recommended on the NHS in certain circumstances.

One of the first benefits I noticed, not only from receiving a treatment but giving treatment's is how I felt immediately after. I felt lighter, like a weight had been removed, like I was back to ME. Along with feeling super relaxed. This benefit that happens immediately after often continues for some days.

Another benefit that was prominent to me after receiving a treatment was the clear headed clarity that had manifested within me. I could think again, and knew what I wanted and what aligned with me. The clouds had lifted.

All of these improvements are what is felt immediately after a treatment however, as a practitioner, what I'm interested in is the long term changes that can be cultivated through the treatment. Reiki can be be used to improve many conditions of the mind and body and the transformations that I've witnessed have been incredibly exciting.

From clients mental health improving greatly, to chronic conditions responding, the power of reiki cannot be denied. Even if there's no reason for you to have reiki you can still benefit. Often people who have no conditions report having much more energy and feeling much happier and calmer.

Something that I LOVE about the treatment is the holistic nature of it. Many clients report improvements in areas of themselves they hadn't expected.

Because Reiki works on the toxins that are being held in the body, these toxins can cause all kinds of issues with both our mind and body. Our mind and body are so closely related we can't help but affect each of them. The mind is the body and the body is the mind

Although I've listed some of the benefits in this post, there are too many potential benefits to the treatment to even put into one post, we are all so individual. Hopefully I have illustrated well some of the potential outcomes you can have to working with this amazing treatment method.

So whether you have something going on, or just fancy a try, Reiki is for everyone!

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