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Reiki for all!

In my last blog post I finished with the words "reiki is for everyone". Maybe you overlooked it and didn't think about it, or maybe it conjured questions within you. Upon reflecting I realised I wanted to delve deeper into the roots of reiki energy itself, and how reiki is apart of who we are.

one of the main reasons reiki is for everyone and we can all benefit from reiki is firstly because of the nature of the energy. When Usui Sensei (the founder of reiki) discovered this healing ability he realised we can all do it. Reiki isn't something that we need to establish to begin using, nor is it an exclusive group. It's actually already present in all of us and merely needs awakening.

Reiki is all around us constantly and makes up our environment. Deep within the forests and natural landscapes to our city's and our homes, reiki never leaves us, like a perfectly friend who is always ready on hand to help (pun intended)

Reiki is the natural healing process of the body that has been present the whole time, we have merely forgotten how to use it! When you bang your head or scrape your knee what is the first thing you do? You hold it!

Because reiki pulses through all that is and we are a part of all that is, this means we can never be seperate from reiki. This also means no matter who you are or where you come from you can receive the benefits! It's carefully engineered, divinely designed for us to recieve effortlessly. With Grace, kindness and compassion we can all effectively benefit from receiving reiki.


Brandon x

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