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My Journey

Hello Friend! I hope your day is going as amazingly as you are, I mean that! Because we’re new friends I thought i'd take this opportunity to tell you a little more about me and my journey.

I originally began reiki after learning the western kind. I first heard about reiki after speaking to a close friend, they mentioned a close member of their family received reiki when they had cancer.

I knew it was common to be given to cancer patients but what exactly was it? I googled, scoured the web and a kaleidoscope of information flooded my laptop…I needed to learn this hand healing thingy

I booked my first course in western Usui Reiki and completed my level 1 training. It was eye opening and magical, but somehow I felt incomplete. Something didn’t feel right for ME. I wanted to go to the roots of the practice, to learn what was first taught when it was founded, and learn from there.

Through the good old google I came across this interesting style of reiki; Jikiden reiki.

I look for a teacher, and managed to find one… who was living in the same borough as me in London…on the same bus route…that leaves from outside my house!

I booked the course and from that day forward, my life changed. Since then I’ve used Reiki everyday, treating myself or others.

it feels so incredible to be able to help people through the hardships of life both big and small. Learning reiki makes you realise, in situations where you can’t do anything, there’s always reiki.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Brandon x

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